Calera: the Best High Speed Satellite Internet Service Experience

Calera brings high speed Satellite internet service to individuals and businesses that are looking to break away from slow dial up connections. Calera also can provide satellite internet service for those who live in rural areas of the country, where DSL and cable internet options simply are not available. Calera brings a reliable high speed connection at an affordable price to those who need access to faster internet speeds for surfing the web, watching movies and TV shows, downloading pictures and videos or just keeping up with family and friends on Facebook!

Advantages of Satellite Internet Service Provided by Calera

An on-demand connection that is accessible 24/7

Uses satellite technology – no need for phone lines

Customer and technical support available 24/7

Speedy downloads of videos, photos, and music

Connect both Windows and Apple platforms to the internet

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Satellite Internet Brings High Speeds to Everyone

Usually, living in a rural area meant that internet service options are very limited. Your options were an archaic dial-up connection, unreliable DSL service or no internet at all. The good thing about Calera is that it's a high speed satellite internet provider that is available everywhere in the United States. It's fast too. With service plans and options that give you download speeds up to 15 Mbpsψ, it's perfect for almost anything users want to do online.

Calera Has Plans to Meet Any Needs

dish for HughesNet high speed Satellite Internet Service Other high speed satellite internet service providers feature plans that are "good for everyone", even though that's not the case. Customers want service packages that fit their needs, whether they are just a casual browser who just checks email and the occasional online shopping experience, or a power user who needs tons of bandwidth for downloading large files or playing online games. Calera offers plans for speed, and even has purchase or leasing options on equipment.

Customer service is not an issue with Calera. The company's expectation is that it always provides excellent cusotmer service and with 40 years of experience in satellite communications, customers shouldn't have any concerns about being without an internet solution. If you are looking to get connected with high speed satellite internet, call 1-888-688-1590 to get started!

Call 1-888-688-1590 To Get Local Deals & Offers in my area!

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